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21K Club

2021 Annual Fund Raiser to keep women and children safe in Jersey.


We are inviting 21K Islanders to join our club and pledge £10.00 per year or more to raise over £210,000 annually.  These funds will help keep women and their children, victims of domestic abuse, SAFE.

Become one of our 21K supporters. Please share with friends and family. Make a direct debit contribution monthly or yearly. Click, tap or scan the QR code below with your phone and pledge to support our mission. You can also make a one-off donation. 


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We also invite corporate organisations and independent philanthropists to match the generosity of islanders by contributing £10,000 or more annually to ensure our sustainability so we can reach our £400,000 annual budget gap.

Thank you all so much for keeping women and children, who experience domestic abuse in Jersey, safe and supporting them to change their lives and find new beginnings.


Did you know?

  • It costs £650,000 a year to provide JWR specialist services.
  • The Government of Jersey provides a grant of £215,000 and some £40,000 for a project to train professionals to identify abuse.
  • It costs £10,000 a month to house 7 families.
  • JWR has to raise £400,000 pounds a year to ensure no one is denied access to these critical services.


JWR’s main purpose

To protect and empower women and children affected by domestic abuse and prevent/eliminate domestic violence through these objectives:

Prevention and early identification of domestic abuse through education and raising awareness amongst children, young people, professionals and general public

Protection & intervention through risk assessment and safety planning so women and children feel secure.

Partnership work to support island wide integrated domestic abuse responses to safeguard survivors.


Our main activities are

  • A 24/7 Helpline
  • Walk-in emergency Safe House accommodation (up to 8 weeks stay)
  • Emotional & Practical support and Advocacy services
  • Outreach Support services
  • Counselling services
  • Training & Education services to children, general public and professionals
  • Self-development Groups for women and children.

“It gave me the time, space and support I needed to leave the situation I had found myself in and made me more confident to move forward.”

“The staff in here have been nothing but amazing. Got me all the help and information I needed.”

“This refuge has saved my life, I did not realise how controlled I was and how my partner dragged me down.”


How will your contribution help women keep themselves and their children safe?

Your support of this campaign will fund our 24-hour specialist services for women and children, who are or have been experiencing domestic abuse. This will benefit a wide range of families, from those in crisis and requiring emergency help and a safe place to go, to those who may need ongoing support within the community or counselling for historic experiences of abuse.


How will your contribution help bring about change in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse?

The 21K Club will fund JWR’s counselling services and group work empowering women to find a way forward when they feel ready and able to move on. It will also support JWR’s education and training programmes. This highlights the complex causes behind domestic violence, and the impact of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Our work is designed to raise awareness and understanding among the Jersey public, targeting in particular young people and professionals.


2020 in numbers – Did you know?

  • There was a 36% increase in demand for JWR’s services with 308 seeking support in 2018 and 414 in 2020.
  • Overall, 414 women and children sought JWR’s services in 2020.
  • 63 women and 37 children were protected through admission to JWR’s Safe House. A 26% increase in admissions overall in 2020 compared to 2019.
  • JWR opened a second refuge from April to August 2020 due to a 35% increase in women seeking safety in that period compared to 2019.
  • 24 children accessed JWR’s Children and Young persons’ service. Over 50% of this client base requires Outreach support within their community. 15 were on the waiting list.
  • Over 50 women were supported by JWR through a health service project, up 66% from 2019.
  • 101 women were counselled via JWR’s helpline in 2020. A 50% increase compared to 2019.
  • 40 women accessed JWR self-development group work. 20 more were on the waiting list.
  • Almost 25% of JWR referrals are from people under 30.

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Domestic Violence is any form of physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse which is used to gain power and control over the other person in an intimate relationship.

Women often say emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse as it leaves no visible scars, is difficult to prove and can be very damaging.

Children living with domestic violence can also suffer in a variety of ways; either by witnessing violence itself, by being used as emotional pawns or indirectly by the stress suffered by their mother.


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