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Would you welcome hot odds each month on winning either £100, £200 or £325?*

Would you like to know you’re also supporting women and children at times of  great difficulty?  

JWRClub45 offers a great chance of winning the prize fund of our private draw each month.  

Our ‘JWR Club45s’ are 45 Clubs set up following similar principles to the more usual 100 Clubs, set up to provide a regular income to the Jersey Women’s Refuge. Each time we get a full house of 45 ‘Team’ members we set up a new Team with its own name and draw so your odds will always be 45:1.   Why 45? It’s the number of balls in the Irish lotto, and each month their winning ball becomes our draw winning number.

What’s with the team names? They’re all linked to the number 45: It’s a triangular number: 45= 1+2+3 +4+5+6+7+8+9! 45 is the RPM for those vintage items ‘vinyl singles’. 45th anniversaries are Sapphire  45 is the dialling code for Denmark.

Club45 Originals

Club45 Originals  members agree to make a regular donation of £5.00 a month and each participant is allocated a number between 1 and 45. On the last Wednesday of each month the Bonus Ball drawn on the Irish Lotto becomes the winner and wins a prize of £100!

For just £5.00 as a club member you would have a 1 in 45 chance of winning £100 every month! You would also have helped provide £125.00 per month towards the running costs of the Jersey Women’s Refuge. These funds enable the provision of a 24-hour service and a safe place open to women and their children experiencing domestic abuse. Your money can make a real difference.

If you are interested supporting us by becoming member of Club45 or gifting an annual membership to a friend of family member, please complete the standing order below and forward it to our Administrator at PO Box 708, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 0PW or email:

JWRClub45 Application Form

Club45 Tri

(Formerly known as 45 Club Plus), members agree to make a regular donation of £10.00 a month to have a chance to win £200 each month.

JWRClub45 Application Form


Club45 Vinyl

Just opening, members agree to make a regular donation of £15.00 a month to have a chance to win £325 each month.

JWRClub45 Application Form


Your membership number will be sent to you by return and this is your regular monthly number, which you can check against the bonus ball Irish Lottery on the last Wednesday of each month at

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Domestic Violence is any form of physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse which is used to gain power and control over the other person in an intimate relationship.

Women often say emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse as it leaves no visible scars, is difficult to prove and can be very damaging.

Children living with domestic violence can also suffer in a variety of ways; either by witnessing violence itself, by being used as emotional pawns or indirectly by the stress suffered by their mother.


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